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 Professional Practice  Marketing Mastery™ 
6-Week  Video Training & Live Coaching (Online)
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Here's What Our Students Are Saying...

Dr. Daniel Balaze

General Dentist
"An extra $40,000 in the last six months during COVID since I finished the Professional Practice Marketing Mastery Course "

Dr. Sonny Porter

Oral Surgeon
"I am in the process of leaving the Army after 9 years and entering into private practice. I have started the process of building an oral surgery startup and was looking for help understanding the marketing side of dentistry. Fortunately I stumbled onto the Professional Practice Marketing Mastery course with Mike Green. It has been an amazing 6-week process that has helped me to create the proper branding and marketing strategy for my specific practice location. Mike spent countless hours with me over the phone to answer all of my questions and freely share his decades of experience. I can't say enough about Mike and his team and highly recommend his course to anyone looking to learn about the marketing side of marketing. There are very few things in business more important than marketing and no better place to learn about it than the Professional Practice Marketing Mastery course." 
 Here's What You'll Learn
Each Participant Works with a Personal Coach During the Course to Maximize Results
  • Brand and Identity: Learn how to craft the perfect identity for your practice that will solidify your legacy.
  • Unique Selling Position & Messaging: Crush the competition with a unique selling position that is customized to you and your practice. Then, learn how to message that USP to keep the patients flowing into your practice. 
  • Market Identification: Flex the strength of Scott McDonald and Associates to get a full view of your market, your potential, and your opportunities. 
  • Product Selection: Find out what services are going to work best in your market, and how to package those services for your practice. 
  • Practice Sales System: THIS WILL CHANGE YOUR PRACTICE! We'll show you how to deploy sales system that will create consistency with new patient flow for your practice. 
  • Retention and Growth - Learn how to set your practice up for retention and growth, creating YOUR legacy. 

Micheal Green - Doctor Demographics

Partner – Lead Demographer and Marketer
Mike Green is a partner at Doctor Demographics and the Principal of Iron Forge Media. With over 20 years of marketing and sales experience, Mike brings a unique focus to strategic marketing and execution. His focus on psychographics and personality marketing is the foundation of his many long-time clients.

Over the years, Mike has helped a wide range of companies in differing markets achieve extraordinary results. Mike’s understanding of what makes people tick combined with years of marketing and sales experience translate into key strategies that produce lasting results.

For over 20 years, Mike has shared his marketing and sales secrets with professional practice owners and teams all over the United States. In addition to group and team training, Mike has a small “Insiders” group that he mentors personally to help their organizations reach their potential. This group is focused on identifying key components for their success and bringing accountability to their goals.

The most valuable use of Mike’s time is spent with his family. He resides with his wife of 23 years and their three children on a working farm in Southern Utah known as Honeybee Acres where they raise horses, honeybees, and hard-working kids.

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